Cause della transizione elettrica a rilento secondo De Bellis


In Italia, la transition to electric vehicles is progressing slowly, with the number of electric car registrations remaining below the European average. While the sale of new battery models reached 15% of total registrations in May, in Italy it only reached 4.1%. Antonio De Bellis, E-Mobility Lead Manager at ABB Italia and vice president of Motus-E, attributes this to a lack of accurate information and a lack of future vision on the part of the government.
De Bellis explains that misinformation and confusion about alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, are deterring potential buyers from purchasing electric vehicles. Additionally, he criticizes the lack of incentives and clear messaging from the government to promote electric vehicle adoption.
He also discusses the issue of employment, stating that many Italian automotive companies are already transitioning to electric vehicles. Without government support for this change, there would still be a loss of jobs in the industry.
Overall, the event “Mobilità” shed light on the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition in the transportation sector. While scooter and electric motorcycle sales are increasing, the adoption of electric cars remains stagnant in Italy. The article highlights the concerns expressed by the Italian Ministry and questions the environmental benefits of electric vehicles raised in a recent report from the United States.

Transizione elettrica a rilento, le cause secondo De Bellis