Fantic new models 2025 MY25

Fantic new models 2025 MY25 🇬🇧 English Version
Fantic announced the 2025 off-road range – nine models distributed among the XE Enduro and XX Motocross ranges see updates to plastics, new radiators for the smaller two-cylinder engine, updated electronic packages and suspension settings.

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00:00 Fantic new models 2025
00:19 Fantic MX 2025
00:34 Fantic Enduro 2025
00:45 Fantic XX 125 & XX 250
00:55 Fantic XXF 250
01:05 Fantic XXF 450
01:15 Fantic XE 125
01:25 Fantic XE 300

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Fantic models 2025, Fantic new models MY25

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Fantic’s commitment is unequivocal. They were the ones who won the most races of the Enduro World Championship of the 2023 season with a sporting commitment of three MX Factory Teams in the MXGP, as well as in the European MX125 and MX250 classes, with eight official drivers.
In the enduro there are two Factory Teams with seven riders competing in the EnduroGP and Junior classes.

The XX 125 and XX 250 have been extensively revamped with new engines, chassis, and ergonomic components.
The XXF 250 features an upside-down cylinder head engine and a titanium exhaust system, while the XXF 450 is equipped with a race control unit and an advanced engine management system.

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