Taddy Blazusiak signs with Stark Future Racing to race the Varg electric bike

Taddy Blazusiak signs with Stark English Version ????????
Taddy, the renowned off-road rider, has left GASGAS and made a significant move by signing with Stark Future for the 2024 SuperEnduro World Championship. He will be riding the Varg electric off-road motorcycle and serving as a development rider.
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While it was initially believed that Taddy had a contract with GASGAS until the end of 2023, he was released early, allowing him to make a high-profile debut on the Varg this weekend in Lievin, France, marking the first round of the SuperEnduro season. Official entries confirm Taddy riding for Stark and Stark Future Racing.
However, the excitement surrounding this move is tempered by challenges associated with racing electric motorcycles indoors, delaying the anticipated debut. The enthusiasm is shared by all parties involved, including Taddy, Stark, SuperEnduro World Championship promoters, French race organizers (despite being sold out), and even the FIM.
The complications arise from specific FIM regulations for electric motorcycles, designed primarily for the E-Xplorer World Cup but with implications for other world championship competitions. These regulations are intricate, covering aspects like battery charging, colored lights indicating the bike’s status to marshals, bike handling requirements (including approved gloves), and protocols for dealing with fires.
While similar regulations exist for petrol-powered motorcycles, those for electric bikes appear to be more stringent. Additional challenges for indoor racing and varying regulations based on the hosting country and event arena further complicate the situation.
Despite the anticipation of an exciting SuperEnduro season with a strong lineup of riders and the return of Mani Lettenbichler, the news from Stark and Taddy introduces uncertainties. Stark expresses commitment to overcoming obstacles, and SuperEnduro promoters are likely keen on making the event happen, contingent on meeting the specified regulations.
As we stay on top of developments, we’ll provide further updates, including a closer look at the bikes. For those with spare time, the electric motorcycle regulations can be explored in the description:

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