Yamaha: oltre all’elettrico c’è anche l’idrogeno


Yoshihiro Hidaka, President of Yamaha, recognizes the potential of hydrogen as an ecological alternative to gasoline: “Most companies focus on electric vehicles, but we want to explore all the possibilities that research offers us.”

Is there an alternative to electric vehicles?

The fact that electric vehicles represent the future seems to be undeniable. In particular, in the two-wheeler sector, this is highlighted by the increasing number of electric motorcycles and scooters registered in key markets. But is electric the only solution for future mobility? Yamaha has asked itself this question and, despite devoting intense efforts to the development of electric technologies, is also working on its e-fuel program. In a report published on Japan Times, Yamaha’s President and CEO, Yoshihiro Hidaka, explained that the company is taking a multifaceted approach to finding alternatives to gasoline engines. “We want to maintain various possibilities and opportunities to achieve carbon neutrality,” he stated in an interview with the Japanese publication. One of these possibilities is hydrogen. Hidaka explained: “Among Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, few are testing hydrogen in addition to electric technology. So we took the initiative and built a facility to test both electric and hydrogen technology, as well as low-impact fuels.”

For the near future?

However, despite all the potential that hydrogen possesses, there are also some disadvantages. For example, currently it is not as efficient as gasoline. Furthermore, the technology to compress hydrogen and refuel vehicles is not as widespread as electric vehicle charging points and is still considered niche technology. Yamaha’s effort is not focused on the present, but on a future that will almost certainly come: “It is better to have the technology ready from the beginning and preserve it,” Hidaka explains. “Once the world moves in that direction, we will introduce the technology to the market and start large-scale development.”

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Yamaha: oltre all’elettrico c’è anche l’idrogeno